Hello I have no credit cards I would like to register
You can make a transfer to the following bank details
Registered to Moto Raid Experience s.r.l. indicating in the causal your name and surname and Registration Agnellotreffen year 20__

Good morning I made the registration and the payment will receive an email confirmation of registration and payment?
You will not receive any confirmation, if you want to be sure send an email to info@agnellotreffen.com

Is it possible to participate without sleeping?
You can participate without sleeping, registration and payment do not change

What do I get when I sign up?
Commemorative Brooch of the Year
Sewing patch
Souvenir photo at the Fowa stand
Access to the bivouac
Participation in the Saturday evening motorcycle parade
Participation in the award ceremony
Gadget (only for subscribers by 31/12 of the previous year

Good morning I would like to know if I can have the patches and pins of previous years?
You can not receive pins, patches, stickers from previous years

Good morning I want to participate in the edition 20__, you confirm that it is still possible , despite the site says that the pre-registration is over?
Sorry but, in this case registration is only possible on arrival

Hello, how can I register a group?
To join a group you must send an email to the mailbox info@agnellotreffen.com indicating the participants.
An area will be dedicated to the group
Remember that the registration must be made by each participant

Good morning, is it possible to participate with a quad?
the Agnellotreffen is a motoraduno for vehicles with a maximum of 3 wheels and is therefore not possible to participate with a quad

Contatti / Contacts

Come raggiungerci / How to reach us

Luogo / Location

Pontechianale - Valle Varaita, Cuneo (Italy).

Telefono / Phone

+39 324 5445344