Agnellotreffen, a true story.

Agnellotreffen, a true story:

It is Christmas 2013, friends, with whom we met many times to ride our motorbikes during past summer, are now far, someone more than 400 kms away! It is time for wishes, that become opportunity to plan the next time when we will meet wearing helmets.
"Winter this year is not so hard, what about meet us right after holidays?"
The memory of the great binge at Arpellin's on the Col d'Izoard last fall, now requires us to choose a destination where it is possible to eat very well: 
"the Polenteria of Chianale in Varaita Valley, where they also make great ravioles!"
Alps between Italy and France have more of a reason for a biker! Someone thinks in this way to break his fasting from bike after Christmas' binge, someone, that never leaves his bike, was just looking for a new excuse, someone considers this as training for next Elefantentreffen.
"When? Saturday, 18 January 2014 fits for everyone?"
The meeting is at 14.00 in Saluzzo (CN) to deal with last 60 kms up the Varaita Valley all together. For those coming from Piemonte and Cuneo's surroundings in particular it is a no-brainer, despite the low temperature. For those coming from Romagna and Lombardia it is a "little more challenging".
"We will have dinner together, then we will spend the night there and on Sunday we will go back home." "Hotel or tent? It depends on how many we are: by the time 16 people. Let's bring tents too, you never know."
On Friday, 17 of January, it snows even at low altitudes.
"We cross fingers for tomorrow. For sure it will be more adventurous!"
On Saturday at the meeting point we are 11 people. The weather is not bad, the road is a bit worse. We arrive in Pontechianale with a surprise: there are no rooms available for all, even in separate facilities. In fact, no one had seriously considered the option of tent, but all of us were provided with.  We continue to Chianale, up to where the road was opened to vehicles by removing the snow, even if only partially. There are places for dinner! After first drinks on aperitif we start evaluating the idea of tents with greater courage (induced). Just before dinner we reach a unanimous decision:
"we are going to mount tents and then we are having dinner!" 
About which was the most appropriate place and the best exposure to the wind, sharp and quite annoying, where to put up tents begins a series of conjectures that even Bear Grylls has never done. Luckily someone notice some abandoned wood pallets nearby that will prove to be providential to warm us after dinner before falling asleep.  It is just during those four unforgettable hours spent chatting around the campfire that was born the idea of repeating and sharing with other riders that beautiful experience.
Sitting on the snow with our tents, a fire and a lot of beer we felt like we were at one of the most famous motorcycle winter rallies, with the difference that just a few kms from us, at 2,744 mts above sea level, there was the international border crossing called Colle dell'Agnello: AGNELLOTREFFEN!
During following months, thanks to experience of the team Moto Raid Experience, to fundamental partnership of ATL Cuneo and patronage of Municipality of Pontechianale the idea has become reality.

We want you with your two-wheels to share this experience.